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Sekhmet - Orange Beeswax Spell Candles

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◑ Invoke Sekhmet energy into your spells & rituals.
Orange Beeswax Taper Candles in set of 2.

Small - 10cm x 2cm

Large - 17cm x 2cm

◑ Magickal Properties:
Boosting creativity,
Releasing Anger and Frustration,
Embracing the Feminine Creator Within,
New Relationships,
Deep Emotional Connections,
Heal the Mother Wound,
Business Ventures,
Overcome Addictions,
General Success,
Legal Matters,
Increased Energy,

> Planets - Juniper
> Days - Thursday
> Zodiac Sign - Leo

◑ Perfect for using in rituals and spells, can be dressed with oils/herbs. Be aware that the candle may burn quicker and will be more flammable if using dried herbs.

◑ 100% Pure UK Beeswax