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New Moon Loose Incense

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◑ A Light and Mystical Aroma to Connect to the Energies of the New Moon. Made with a Magical Blend of Herbs, Resins and Oils then charged under the light of the New Moon.

◑ Our New Moon Spell Blend makes a wonderful addition to your and rituals and to spells involving Manifesting, Wisdom, Intuition, Dream Magick and Divination, as well as helping one to connect to the Goddess of the Moon and to invoke and call upon Her assistance during rituals and spells and times of need.

◑ How To Use As Loose Incense:
- Prepare a heat proof bowl/incense holder/sensor, a sand base is recommended.
- Light a charcoal tab and wait for the whole tab to glow red with heat.
- Spoon a small amount and put onto top of charcoal tab.
- The incense will start to smoke and the charcoal tab will last around 30 minutes.
- Load as much or as little on to your tab, make sure you burn in a well ventilated room or outside.
- Keep out of draughts to avoid too much smoke when inside.
- Always make sure the coal is completely burnt out and there are no embers before discarding.