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Morrigan Loose Incense

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◑ Honour The Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of War, Death & Fate. A magical blend created to invoke energies around shapeshifting, destiny & shadow work.

◑ The Morrígan was an Irish goddess of death, destiny, and battle. A trio of sisters who could take the form of a single goddess, she was the keeper of fate and a purveyor of prophecy. She was often depicted circling the battlefield in the form of a raven to carry away and eat carrion, though she could also appear as a beautiful woman to seduce powerful men. She was a cunning shapeshifter and a terrifying omen of death to the characters of Irish mythology.

◑ This blend can be used during your Morrigan rituals and spell workings involving Fate, Battle, Prophecy, Sovereignty, Otherworld Power, Land, Transformation & Rebirth.

◑ How To Use As Loose Incense:
- Prepare a heat proof bowl/incense holder/sensor, a sand base is recommended.
- Light a charcoal tab and wait for the whole tab to glow red with heat.
- Spoon a small amount and put onto top of charcoal tab.
- The incense will start to smoke and the charcoal tab will last around 30 minutes.
- Load as much or as little on to your tab, make sure you burn in a well ventilated room or outside.
- Keep out of draughts to avoid too much smoke when inside.
- Always make sure the coal is completely burnt out and there are no embers before discarding.